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This page contains speakers and topics previously discussed at LARA meetings.
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November 17, 2019: Goal Setting 2020

The One Question You Can Ask to Unlock the Inclusion Puzzle
Speaker: Sunny Lee-Goodman
October 20, 2019: Write In

Tap Into Universal Fantasies: Grow Your Audience
Speaker: Theodora Taylor
September 15, 2019: Published Author Chat

Writing Short Stories
Speaker: Louisa Bacio
August: 18, 2019: Board Meeting

Perfecting the Podcast: Allowing Authors to Explore New Mediums
Speaker: Jenny Nordbak
July 21, 2019: Published Author Chat

Rebranding Books, Rebranding Series
Speaker: C.D. Reiss
May 19, 2019: Pulished Author Chat

Audiobook Narrators
Speakers: Joe Arden & Maxine Mitchell

April 28, 2019: Pre-Meeting Write-In

Three Months ‘Til Launch Marketing Plan
Speaker: Dorota Skrzypak

March 17, 2019: Published Author Chat

Marketing & PR: What Works for Me
Speaker: Leslie McAdam
February 10, 2019: Pre-Meeting Write-In

Branding for Solopreneurs
Speaker: Kalika Yap
January 13, 2019: Published Author Chat

Self-Editing 101
Speakers: Kristen Weber
December 16, 2018 at The Ripped Bodice
LARA’s Debut Authors – Panel
Speakers: Claire Naden, Susannah Erwin, Jaycee Lee & Sherri Leigh James
November 18, 2018: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Making Your Career a Priorirty
Speaker: Jess Michaels
October 21, 2018: Published Author Chat
Writing Your Way with Scrivener
Speaker: Gwen Hernandez
Read Gwen’s Scrivener Handout & Get Discount Code
September 16, 2018: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Speaker: Christiana Miller
August 19, 2018: Published Author Chat
Investing in a Successful Social Media Strategy
Speaker: RocketStyle Creative
July 15, 2018: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Blurb Writing
Speaker: Rebecca Forster
June 10, 2018: Published Author Chat
Writing Opensings that Pop
Speaker: HelenKay Dimon
May 20, 2018: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Facebook and Instagram ads
Speaker: William Foody
April 16, 2018: Published Author Chat
Everything I Needed to Know about Writing Romance, I Learned from Kindergartners
Speaker: Tessa Dare 
March 18, 2018: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Constructing Compelling Characters
Speaker: Mia Hopkins 
February 18, 2018: Published Author Chat
The Erotic Art of BDSM
Speaker: Orpheus Black
B7tAc5fhJanuary 21, 2018:Pre-Meeting Write-In
Creating a Business Plan for Authors*
Speaker: Susannah Erwin
LARA-squareDecember 10, 2017* at THE RIPPED BODICE
LARA’s 2017 Debut Authors & Annual Meeting
Speakers: Kate Bigel, Andrea Bolter, Beverly Diehl, Z Rockward, Aviva Vaughn
*2nd Sunday because of holiday season
November 19, 2017: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Your Most Productive Year Ever
Speaker: Theodora Taylor
October 15, 2017: Published Author Chat
Making Dialogue Pull (at least) Double Duty
Speaker: Janice Steinberg
September 17, 2017: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Author Meets Reader: Engaging in a REAL-LIFE Love Affair
Speaker: Liz Donatelli
August 20, 2017: Published Author Chat
Power of 3: Using Instafreebie, Mailchimp, and FB Ads to Grow Your Newsletter
Speaker: Jewel Quinlan
July 16, 2017: Pre-Meeting Write-In
High Productivity While Working a Day Job
Speaker: Carol Ericson
LisaKesslerJune 11, 2017: Published Author Chat
Black Moments: Make Them Earn the Happily Ever After
Speakers: Lisa Kessler
*2nd Sunday because of Father’s Day
May 21, 2017: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Writing Romantic Suspense
Speakers: Anne Cleeland
GayleCarlineApril 9, 2017*: Published Author Chat
Nuts and Bolts of Self-Publishing
Speakers: Gayle Carline
*2nd Sunday because of Easter
JudyReeves100x100March 12, 2017*: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Unlocking Your Wild Voice
Speaker: Judy Reeves
*2nd Sunday because of LA Marathon
February 19, 2017: Published Author Chat
Facebook Marketing/Ads
Speaker: Melanie de Jonge
debbiedeckerJanuary 15, 2017: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Creating a Strong Story Hook
Speaker: Debbie Decker
LARA-squareDecember 11, 2016*: at The Ripped Bodice, Culver City
LARA’s 2016 Debut Authors & Annual Meeting
Speakers: Claire Davon, Caro Kinkead, Anne Roebuck, Zenobia Neil
*2nd Sunday because of holiday season
jsb-author-photo-2015November 20, 2016: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Writing From the Middle
Speaker: James Scott Bell
JanisThomasOctober 16, 2016: Published Author Chat
Women’s Fiction
Speaker: Janis Thomas
CourtneyMilanSeptember 18, 2016: Pre-Meeting Write-In
RWA and Board Membership
Speaker: Courtney Milan
tessa_color-150x225August 21, 2016: Published Author Chat
Putting Your Own Spin On Your Subgenre
Speaker: Tessa Dare
maria_seagerJuly 10, 2016*: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Conference Prep
Speaker: Maria Powers
*2nd Sunday because of RWA National Conference
Kitty-Bucholtz-Author-Photo2-1024x768June 12, 2016: Published Author Chat
Starting and Adjusting Your Goals
Speaker: Kitty Bucholtz
*2nd Sunday because of Father’s Day
photoMay 15, 2016: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Making Your Best Pitch
Speaker: Jennifer Silva Redmond
LARA-squareApril 17, 2016: Published Author Chat
The Writing Career
Speaker: Carolyn Jewel
nephele_tempestMarch 13, 2016*: Pre-Meeting Write-In
The Business of Agenting
Speaker: Nephele Tempest
*2nd Sunday because of Palm Sunday
Beth YarnallFebruary 21, 2016: Published Author Chat
Making Description Work For You
Speaker: Beth Yarnall
Pam-selfieJanuary 17, 2016: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Being a Healthy Writer
Speaker: Pamela DuMond
LARA-squareDecember 13, 2015: Published Author Coffee at 9am
LARA’s 2015 Debut Authors & Annual Meeting
Speakers: Mia Hopkins, Kathy O’Rourke, Maria Powers, Sarah Vance-Tompkins, Stacy Wise, Gwendolyn Womack
auth_JanePorterNovember 15, 2015: Pre-Meeting Write-In
Spotlight on TULE Publishing
Speaker: Jane Porter
debra_feature_portraitOctober 18, 2015: Published Author Chat at 9am
Audiobook Creation Exchange
Speaker: Debra Holland
7245061September 20, 2015: Pre-Meeting Write-In at 9am
How Cops Cope
Speaker: M.A. Taylor
Annual Picnic after meeting!
bzjq2nlpp70dn9u2xevp_400x400August 16, 2015: Published Author Coffee at 9am
Medical Drama in Fiction
Speaker: Catherine Bybee
321fa1aJuly 19, 2015: Living the Hero’s Journey
Speaker: Shelly Mazer
L_Kahn-LeavittJune 14, 2015 (2nd Sunday*): Published Author Coffee at 9am
Love Between The Covers
Speaker: Laurie Kahn
*Because of Father’s Day
ChristineAshworth1May 17, 2015: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Small Publishers
Speaker: Christine Ashworth
AREApril 12, 2015 (2nd Sunday*): Spotlight on All Romance eBooks
Speakers: Dawn Marie & Lori James
*Because of LA Times Festival of Books
Pam-selfieMaggie MarrMarch 15, 2015: Self-Publishing Q&A
Speakers: Pamela DuMond & Maggie Marr
Lynne_Marshall_June.jpgFebruary 15, 2015: Redeeming Despicable Characters
Speaker: Lynne Marshall
Courtney Miller-CallihanJanuary 18, 2015: Great First Pages
Speaker: Courtney Miller-Callihan
LARA-squareDecember 7, 2014: LARA’s 2014 Debut Authors
Speakers: CJ Bahr, Ara Grigorian, Kaitlyn Stone, Christine Leo, Debra Kristi, Ophelia Bell, Allison Morse, Rebekah R. Ganiere
logoNovember 16, 2014: Publicity for Writers
Speaker: Literary Publicist Joseph Marich, Jr.
author-alanna-lucasrick_bitzenbergerOctober 19, 2014: Writing Holiday Romances That Sell!
Speakers: Alanna Lucas & Rick Bitzelberger
Tara LainLouisaBacioSeptember 21, 2014: Not Your Mother’s Romance: Writing Same-Sex Romance Novels
Speakers: Tara Lain & Louisa Bacio
JuliaGanisColorAugust 17, 2014: Editing for Indie Authors
Speaker: Julia Ganis
tammelJuly 20, 2014: Author Branding
Speaker: Anne Tammel
June8-1June 8, 2014 (2nd Sunday): The Art of the Pitch
Speaker: Lee Michael Cohn
bpg_logo_color_reversed_stackedMay 18, 2014: Publisher’s Spotlight with Boroughs Publishing Group
Speakers: Michelle Klayman, President/CEO & Jill Limber, Editor
Anne CleelandApril 13, 2014 (2nd Sunday): Five Things to Ask Yourself Before Querying
Speaker: Anne Cleeland
MalloryBrausMarch 16, 2014: What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Edits
Speaker: Mallory Braus
JenniferHaymore2February 16, 2014: Writing Short(er)
Speaker: Jennifer Haymore
SusanSquiresHarrySquiresJanuary 19, 2014: Talking Back to Your Brain: The Art of Asking Questions
Speakers: Susan Squires & Harry Squires
LARA-squareDecember 8, 2013: LARA’s 2013 Debut Authors
Speakers: Sabrina Darby, Felice Fox, Sylvie Fox
November 17, 2013: Synopsis 101 – Everything You Need To Know About Writing a Synopsis
Speaker: Louisa Bacio
October 20, 2013: Everything You Need to Prepare for NaNoWriMo
Speaker: Rick Ochocki
September 15, 2013: Contracts 101 – Everything You Need to Know
Speaker: Maria Powers
Maggie MarrAugust 18, 2013: The Writer’s Team – How to Establish the Perfect Team to Support Your Career
Speaker: Maggie Marr
Debbie DeckerBeverlyDiehlChellesieBDancerJuly 14, 2013: Conference Prep 101 – Everything You Need to Know for RWA National Conference
Speakers: Debbie Decker, Beverly Diehl, & Chellesie B. Dancer
J. Hurwitz photoJune 9, 2013: Pitch Workshop 101 – Get Ready to Learn How to WOW the Agents & Editors for RWA National Conference!
Speaker: Julie Hurwitz
CeciliaLeBaron-VeronicaBladeSuzanne LazearKathy-Bennett.jpgRobenaGrantMay 19, 2013: Writing Contests 101 – Everything You Need To Know
Speakers: Veronica Blade, Suzanne Lazear, Kathy Bennett, & Robena Grant
April 14, 2013: Save The Cat! Writes a Novel
Speaker: Jessica Brody
zoe archerNicoRossoMarch 10, 2013 (2nd Sunday): Ask an Author Anything – Putting Passion into Prose
Speakers: Zoe Archer & Nico Rosso
sylviaday_February.pngKarenEricson_February.jpgFebruary 17, 2013: Erotica Workshop
Speakers: Sylvia Day & Karen Erickson
ChristineAshworth1January 20, 2013: Goal Setting for the Writer
Speaker: Christine Ashworth
LARA-squareDecember 16, 2012: LARA’s 2012 Debut Authors
Speakers: Samanthe Beck, Laura Sheehan, Robena Grant, Erica Barton, Kate McKinley & Robin Bielman
Rebekah_Weatherspoon_November.jpgNovember 18, 2012: Navigating the Publishing World: How to Find the Right Place for Your Book
Speaker: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Kathy-Bennett.jpgCarol-Ericson_October.jpgrozlee_March.jpgOctober 21, 2012: Adventures in Self Publishing
Speakers: Kathy Bennett, Carol Ericson, & Roz Lee
KateWilloughby_September.jpgSeptember 9, 2012: Writing for Women’s World Magazine
Speaker: Kate Willoughby
Erin ReelAugust 19, 2012: From Blog to Book – What Sells?
Speaker: Erin Reel
Dee J AdamsJuly 15, 2012: Itching to Pitch
Speaker: Dee J. Adams
lynne-marshallmaria_powersCara King PinkJune 10, 2012: What’s the Point of View?
Speakers: Lynne Marshall, Maria Powers, & Cara King
helenkayMay 15, 2012: Building Strong Characters
Speaker: HelenKay Dimon
Josie BrownApril 15, 2012: Your First Scene, Line, Paragraph – Making a Great First Impression
Speaker: Josie Brown
Christie RidgewayMarch 18, 2012: The State of Contemporary Romance
Speaker: Christie Ridgway
H9jz1mSL_400x400Rochelle Staab Headshot-2CharlottePRphoto-for-about-charlotte-261x300February 19, 2012: Inspirational Offshoots of Romance
Speakers: Lauren Strasnick, Rochelle Staab, & Charlotte Carter
Erica-Barton.jpgJanuary 15, 2012: Plans for the Coming Year
Speaker: Erica Barton
LARA-squareDecember 11, 2011: LARA’s 2011 Debut Authors
Speakers: Dee J. Adams, Chellesie B. Dancer, Janie Emaus, Anne Kemp, Veronica Scott, & Rebekah Weatherspoon
Jennifer HaymoreNovember 20, 2011: Deep Editing
Speaker: Jennifer Haymore
EdenBradley_February.pngCharlene SandsKaitlinO-RileyOctober 16, 2011: Ask an Author Anything
Speakers: Eden Bradley, Charlene Sands, & Kaitlin O’Riley
Laura BradfordSeptember 11, 2011: How to Approach an Agent
Speaker: Laura Bradford
Carol-Ericson_October.jpgAugust 21, 2011: Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am – Writing Romantic Suspense in 55,000 Words or Less
Speaker: Carol Ericson
Lucie SimoneJuly 17, 2011: Yoga for Writers
Speaker: Lucie Simone
Maggie MarrJune 12, 2011: Defining the Fuzzy Label of Women’s Fiction
Speaker: Maggie Marr
SusanSquiresApril 17, 2011: The Ties That Bind – How to Inject Elements of Tension Into Your Story to Create a Page-Turning Novel
Speaker: Susan Squires
MariaHeadshotsfave20March 20, 2011: The Business of Book Selling
Speaker: Maria Powers
zoe archerFebruary 20, 2011: Writing the Misfit Romance – How to Write, Sell and Market a Book that Doesn’t Fit In
Speaker: Zoe Archer
LARA-squareJanuary 16, 2011: Meet the 2011 Board Members
Speaker: Carol Hughes
LARA-squareDecember 12, 2010: LARA’s 2010 Debut Authors
Speakers: Rochelle Staab, Suzanne Lazear, Melissa Jarvis Prieto, Dolores Maroney, and Carol Arens
Penny_sansevieriNovember 21, 2010: Marketing
Speaker: Penny Sansevieri
CrystalJordanHeadshotOctober 17, 2010: World Building
Speaker: Crystal Jordan
Cara King PinkSeptember 12, 2010: What Happens Between Sale and Publication?
Speaker: Cara King
Linda O'JohnstonAugust 15, 2010: TBD
Speaker: Linda O. Johnston
LARA-squareJuly 18, 2010: Preparing For National Conference
Speakers: LARA Members
Jeannie Lin (Chi Nguyen)June 13, 2010: Page 1, 5, 50…Keeping Them Hooked
Speaker: Jeannie Lin
Niki ChanelApril 18, 2010: Flash Fiction
Speaker: Niki Chanel
Carol_A_HughesMarch 21, 2010: Developing Intriguing and Sexy Settings
Speaker: Carol Hughes
maggie-jessup7.26.10February 21, 2010: Creating a Success Blueprint
Speaker: Maggie Jessup
Lara4x4-whitebgJanuary 17, 2010: Meet the 2010 Board Members
Speaker: Maria Powers
JimmyThomas-promo-headDecember 13, 2009: Romance Novel Cover Models
Speaker: Jimmy Thomas
PMimg_8419_November 15, 2009: How to Publicize Yourself with Less Money
Speaker: Paula Marguiles
JenniferHaymore2October 18, 2009: Digital Publishing, What’s In It For You?
Speaker: Jennifer Haymore
cheryl-holt-with-pearlsSeptember 13, 2009: Things You Should Know About Publishing
Speaker: Cheryl Holt
Leigh CourtAugust 16, 2009: Novella Writing for the Short Fiction Market
Speaker: Leigh Court
cynthia-lea-clarkJune 14, 2009: Criminal Profiling
Speaker: Lea Clark
1310999April 19, 2009: Revising the “Old Maid”
Speaker: Ona Russell
Charlene SandsMarch 15, 2009: Top Ten Writing Mistakes
Speaker: Charlene Sands
marciepicon2011February 15, 2009: What’s the Difference Between an Indie Press and Big Houses Besides Advances?
Speaker: Marci Baun
31tDUJXVdEL._UX250_2cc7e03ae7a09f6aa1873210.L._V192553175_SX200_January 18, 2009: Writing Chick Lit Like Jane Austen
Speaker: Megan Crane & Liza Palmer
LARA-squareDecember 14, 2008: LARA’s 2008 Debut Authors

Kathy-Bennett.jpgNovember 15, 2008: A Badge, A Gun, and Lipstick
Speaker: Kathy Bennett
ShannonDonnellyOctober 19, 2008: Show, Don’t Tell
Speaker: Shannon Donnelly
TrishAlbrightSeptember 20, 2008: Writing Action Scenes, Fights, Chases, and Races
Speaker: Trish Albright
Dee J AdamsAugust 17, 2008: I’ve Been to Conference – Now What Do I Do?
Speaker: Dee J. Adams
f09a5b4c73b19d3aaa73d36bf92736ccJuly 20, 2008: Romancing the Internet
Speaker: Fronnie Lewis
sylviaday_February.pngHelenKayDimon_May.jpgJune 8, 2008: Fear of Failure, Fear of Success
Speaker: Sylvia Day & HelenKay Dimon
TJ-BennettApril 13, 2008: Beside Himself – Finding the Dark Side of Your Knight in Shining Armor
Speaker: TJ Bennett
Lynne_Marshall_June.jpgMarch 16, 2008: Riveting Revisions – The Key to Getting Published
Speaker: Lynne Marshall
Linda O'JohnstonFebruary 17, 2008: Hooks, Crooks, and Romance Books
Speaker: Linda O. Johnston
600January 20, 2008: Character through Costuming
Speaker: Deborah Nadoolman
LARA-squareDecember 16, 2007: LARA’s 2007 Debut Authors
Speaker: Evie Byrne, Dawn Halliday, Carol Ericson, and Trish Albright
Eden-close-up-sable-400x550November 18, 2007: An Exercise in Sensuality
Speaker: Eden Bradley
LARA-squareOctober 14, 2007: The DOs and DON’Ts of Working with an Agent
Speaker: Carolyn Grayson
Brenda-Scott-Royce.jpgSeptember 16, 2007: Love and Other Funny Stuff
Speaker: Brenda Scott Royce
LARA-squareAugust 19, 2007: RWA National Conference Recap
LARA Members
LARA-squareMay 13, 2007: Follow Your Dream
Taylor Wilshire
LARA-squareApril 15, 2007: Writing the Paranormal – High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, or Romance
Speaker: J.M. Jeffries
KateWilloughby_September.jpgMarch 18, 2007: Secrets of Selling to Woman’s World Magazine
Speaker: Kate Willoughby
Linda O'JohnstonLARA-squareEden-close-up-sable-400x550Lynne_Marshall_June.jpgFebruary 18, 2007: PAN Panel
Speaker: Linda O. Johnston, Mollie Molay, Eden Bradley, & Lynne Marshall
Harley Jane Kozak 2January 21, 2007: Sex & Death – What Makes Murder So Romantic?
Speaker: Harley Jane Kozak
LARA-squareDecember 17, 2006: LARA’s 2006 Debut Authors
Speaker: Sophie Mouette, Kaitlin O’Riley, Christine London, Cassidy Kent, Betty Jacobson Hechtman, and TJ Bennett