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LARA RWA meetings are held via Zoom until we are cleared by the State of California for group gatherings. All info here.

Visitors and Guests: your first meeting is free!

LARA Mission Statement

The purpose of LARA is to promote excellence in romantic fiction, to help our writers enhance their knowledge and establish career goals, and to provide continuing support and encouragement for our members through all levels of their careers.

Upcoming Meetings

October 15, 2023

Pre-Meeting: LARA Board Meeting
Speaker: Audrey Hughey
Topic: Wholistic Planning for Authors

Every author knows the struggle: juggling writing with life's endless demands. But what if there was a way to craft a harmonious balance? In 'Wholistic Planning for Authors,' uncover indispensable strategies that meld your writing goals with self-care, family, and work. If you've ever felt torn between your passion and life's obligations, this is the one presentation you cannot afford to miss. Find out how to revolutionize your writing life!"

Learn more about Audrey here: The Write Services



November 19, 2023


Speaker: TBD

Topic: TBD



December 17, 2023


Speaker: TBD

Topic: TBD



August 20, 2023


Speaker: Renee Rose

Topic: Love Your Book



September 17, 2023 -- In-Person Mini-Con

Pre-Meeting:  LARA Board Meeting

Speaker: See Dedicated page: September Mini-Con



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