2019 Voting Officers

Claire Davon


Alexis Morgan Roark
Executive Vice President

TeAnne Chennault
Vice President, Communications

Ways & Means Director

Cami Brite

TeAnne Chennault
Web Director

2019 Committee Leaders

Executive Team – reports to Executive Vice President

Aviva Vaughn

Programming Director

PAN Liaison
TBD. For questions, please email the president of LARA.

Marla Murphy
PRO Liaison

Maria Powers
Volunteer Coordinator

Communications Team – reports to VP Communications

Victoria Dennault
Public Relations Director

Ophelia Bell
Newsletter Editors

Julia Blake
Newsletter Editors

Administrative Team – reports to Secretary

Marisa Leonardi
Membership Director

Caro Kinkead

TeAnne Chennault
Hospitality Coordinator

Finance Team – reports to Treasurer

Carol Ericson
Milestones Coordinator

Book in a Year

Kathy O’Rourke
Audit Committee Chair

Community Outreach – reports to President

Saharra K. Sandhu
LA Festival of Books