Join us on August 16, 2020!

You’ve written your first book! Yay! Or… maybe it’s your fifth. Another yay! How can you get readers to email you about when the next one’s coming out? How can you get the word out about your books?

Build your brand, spread the word… Learn tips and tricks to get looks for your books!

About our Speaker:

Award-winning, best-selling author, Judi Fennell, loves love and loves to laugh, so there’s some in every book she writes. Check out her light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek paranormal and romantic comedies at From mermen to genies, to men in maid’s uniforms and male strippers, there’s always a laugh and love to be had. In
her spare(?) time, she helps authors with writing and indie-publishing via her formatting, cover/promotional design, marketing, and editorial company,

Judi’s family includes many four-legged friends, and the minute those creatures start A) singing, B) sewing clothing, or C) cleaning the house will be the day she retires from writing…