Join us October 18, 2020!

Marvel and Pixar have combined storytelling and fan service in a way other entertainment companies have not mastered. Whether you write stand alones or series, it is worth looking at what they do to create movies everyone talks about and how they leverage insider knowledge to keep fans interested in what comes next. Jen will walk you
through what they do and how all of this applies to writing romance novels.

About our Speaker:

Jen Graybeal (she/her) is a freelance editor, book coach, and author cheerleader. Clients appreciate her creative approach to solving pesky story problems and her commitment to making their project the best it can be. She has a degree in English, an ever expanding TBR, and a furball assistant that is usually on her lap. A long-time volunteer in schools and the community, Jen spent the last few years as a 4-H Summer Camp Director which means she might spontaneously break out a campfire song or make you a friendship bracelet.

Visit her website for client testimonials at or follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @JenTheEditor.