Join us July 19, 2020!

Plotting: The word strikes fear into the hearts of “pansters” and delight in those who reply on planning to make the creation of the romance novel make sense. Whether you love tools or dread the thought, understanding the pieces that go into plotting a romance novel, including using the three-act structure of the romance to simplify what should fit where, can help authors take control of the writing process and write more smoothly, efficiently, and with a more impactful result on the page. Jeanne will share the theory of romance novel structure and will provide worksheets and examples to help you plot, plan, and execute your romance.

Pantsers might find that by understanding the tools, you won’t necessarily need to be help back or slowed down by them. And plotters should discover a template and variations on tropes and themes that make the work of creation even more productive.

About our Speaker:

Jeanne De Vita, creator and founder of Romance Writing Academy, is a professional developmental editor, writing instructor, and widely published romance author.

While editing New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, top-earning indie authors, and aspiring authors over more than a decade, Jeanne discovered that writers of all skill levels were looking for easy-to understand
instruction on the essentials of writing a romance novel that would immediately impact the words on the page.
Drawing from her experience editing tens of millions of words, Jeanne teaches everything from the technical aspects of writing—such as the structure of the romance novel, where/when the first kiss should happen, and how to pace subplot and balance internal and external conflict—to the really fun stuff, like how to write intimacy and chemistry that keeps readers engaged and characters satisfied.

Jeanne lives in Los Angeles and teaches at UCLA Extension, the Ripped Bodice Bookstore, and extensively for writing groups and individuals. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame and
enthusiastically believes that with support, structure, and guidance, anyone can learn to write their heart out!

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