Dance Research by Lynne Marshall

What Leads to Research

EduardoVerasteguiWhat If…

Two young and awkward mid-teens were in cotillion class. What if this young couple, a rich girl and a boy whose mother works for the girl’s father, develop a tender crush, only to have that crush stomped on by big daddy? And big rich daddy goes even farther by humiliating the boy, accusing him of stealing in front of the girl and all his friends. He goes so far as to have the young man arrested.

Thirteen years later, the real story begins.

That idea grew into An Indiscretion my contemporary romance with medical elements e-book for The Wild Rose Press. Since the hero and heroine, Paul Valverde and Carrington Hanover’s relationship officially began while dancing, it needed to be part of the story, which meant, I’d assigned myself research.

What I Needed:
1. A dance that meant something to the hero
2. A dramatic dance with Spanish roots
3. A ballroom dance that pitted the partners against each other
4. A sexy dance

BallroomDanceExhibitionWhat I Found:
A gazillion videos on how to dance the Paso Doblé! Some were really hokey, some were very good. The one I’ve linked to breaks down the dance into count, steps, and sections and has two really good dancers showing each move.

Did You Know?

The Paso Doblé is modeled after the Spanish bullfighter and his cape? The male dancer is the bullfighter and the female takes the role of the cape, therefore, it is up to the male to take control of his partner. Though the music for this dance is a march beat, when done right it is powerful, sexy and riveting.

An Indiscretion by Lynne Marshall – Excerpt:

“Good. Pablo, take Carrington’s hand.” Estrella positioned Paul’s hand just under Carrington’s arm on her back, and Carrington’s hand rested lightly on his shoulder. Then they joined opposite hands, which were held high and stately. “This is the sur point. You will begin here,” Estrella said.

Wearing special dancing shoes, Carrington’s forehead came to Paul’s jaw. She tried to avoid his eyes by watching her feet, but Estrella snapped at her each time she looked down.

The woman led them through the basic steps and turns until they were both comfortable with the rhythm. Paul caught on much quicker.

“Good. Now with music,” Estrella said.

Paul’s narrow hips and tightly controlled posture looked magnificent yet graceful, and Carrington could no longer be satisfied by staring at his shoulder. She noticed the thick dark waves of his hair caressing the collar on his shirt. The heat from his body enhanced his subtle aftershave, that pine fragrance that drove her crazy with longing. With each breath she savored the scent. His warm hands, firmly in place where Estrella had put them, made her wish he would move them somewhere else, someplace closer and more intimate.

She made a ragged inhale and dared to glance into his eyes. He stared back. Determination flashed in his dark gaze. By controlling the dance, he controlled her.
And he had completely taken control.

lynne-marshallLynne Marshall is a multi-published author who writes contemporary and Medical Romance for Harlequin and contemporary romance for The Wild Rose Press. The first book in the Grady family trilogy, Courting His Favorite Nurse, is a March 2012 Harlequin Special Edition. Also in e-book only is, An Indiscretion, a contemporary romance with medical elements, from The Wild Rose Press.

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