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Holiday Romances with Alanna Lucas & Rick Bitzelberger

In October, we’ll hear from Alanna Lucas and Rick Bitzelberger on Writing Holiday Romances That Sell! Holiday romance novels and novellas are a perennial favorite among readers. Publishers often release holiday anthologies, which can be a great opportunity for writers to get known or increase their fan base. Come and learn about how to break …

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Same Sex Romance with Tara Lain & Louisa Bacio

Next month, we’ll learn all about writing same sex romance novels. This is not your mother’s romance novel! Same parts, different spots, right? What’s the difference between writing a male/female erotic romance, and a same sex one? Plenty. Bestselling authors Tara Lain and Louisa Bacio will explore setting up the same-sex romance, and getting into …

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Regency Research by Vivienne Westlake

Useful Resources for Writing About the Regency This week, I have been doing research on the Regency period. Through the course of researching information about my hero and his profession, I also stumbled across various resources which contain excellent information for general knowledge of the period. photo credit: chelsyegarrett Two of the best resources that …

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