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LARA is the first chapter in RWA to have a SPA Liaison.  (SPA stands for Self Published Authors.)  The SPA Liaison’s job is to run the SPA Forum and find resources for authors interested in self publishing their novels or their backlists.

The Benefits of being a SPA Member include:

  • Access to the SPA Forum
  • Articles and Video Resources on Self Publishing on various Self Publishing platforms (like Kindle / Createspace, the Nook, Smashwords, etc.)
  • A chance to ask all types of questions of authors that have already self published
  • Formatting Tips
  • Marketing tips
  • Links to Formatters, Cover Artists, Book Reviewers, and Freelance Editors
  • An opportunity to help other Self Publishing Newbies on their journeys.
  • Daily Emails of JUST questions that other members are asking.
  • Weekly Digest of everything that is happening on the SPA forum.
  • The opportunity to choose conversations you would like updates on through email versus occasionally checking back.

To become a SPA Member, you must:  

  • Be an RWA Member  (Click here to apply if you are not already an RWA member.)
  • Be a LARA Member (Click here to apply if you are not a member already.  Pricing is pro-rated based on the month you are joining.)
  • Apply with the SPA Liaison  (Click here for the application.)

Not sure if you want to be a SPA Member?  Non-LARA and Non-RWA Members can get “Guest Access” to the SPA Forum for up to one month.  LARA Members who have not yet self-published can get access to the SPA Forum for up to three months.  Simply email the SPA Liaison to request temporary access at or click here for the application.