Thanks to our 2015 board, you are awesome and we really appreciate your service!

2015 Voting Officers

Maggie Marr
President: Maggie Marr
president (at)
Executive Vice President: Maria Powers
vicepres (at)
Secretary: Kady Ambrose
secretary (at)
Beverly Diehl
Treasurer: Beverly Diehl
treasurer (at)
Rebekah Ganiere
Vice President, Communications: Rebekah R. Ganiere
viceprescomm (at)

2015 Committee Leaders

Executive Team

Programming: Christine Ashworth
programming (at)
PAN Liaison: Debbie Decker
panliaison (at)
Caro Kinkead
PRO Liaison: Caro Kinkead
proliaison (at)

Communications Team

Public Relations & Website Content: Kara Winters
publicrelations (at)
Christine Collier Roxann Breazile Kadee McDonald
Newsletter Editors: Christine Leo & Roxann Breazile & Kadee McDonald
laraconfidential (at)
Web: Cami Brite
webbie (at)
 beauty with a hat
SPEW: Scarlet Llewellyn
spew (at)

Administrative Team

Membership: Claire Davon
membership (at)
Librarian: Chellesie B. Dancer
librarian (at)
lynne-marshall KateWilloughby_September.jpg
Hospitality: Lynne Marshall & Kate Willoughby
hospitality (at)

Finance Team

Ways & Means: Chandra Years
waysandmeans (at)
Julia Blake cp Deborah Glik-15
Milestones: Julia Blake & Deborah Glik
milestones (at)
Beverly Diehl
Anthology Coordinator: Beverly Diehl

Southern California Inter-Chapter Representatives

u1QWupse maria_seager
CDWC15 Committee Members: Debbie DeckerMaria Powers
DorotaSkrzypek pmNRMg_m_400x400
LA Festival of Books Coordinators: Dorota Skrzypek & Mia Hopkins
Pam-selfie Robin Bielman in velvet pastel haze 620
Romance Insider Newsletter: Pamela DuMond & Robin Bielman

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