Over 65% of our members are published authors!

There are many ways to find or follow your favorite LARA author. Members are listed with links to their website/blog (click the picture), their genre(s), social media, and Goodreads author page.

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Photo of Beverly Diehl

Beverly Diehl

Erotic, Women’s Fiction
Website: Beverly Diehl


Author badge legend

PAN Authors have published a romance fiction book or novella (over 20k words) which has earned the required minimum.

PRO Authors have completed one original work of romance fiction of at least 20k words or multiple works which when combined total at least 20k words.

Published authors who have not submitted their work to RWA for PAN or PRO certification, or PRO authors who have been published.

Chapter members who have contributed a short story or novella to LARA’s anthologies. All proceeds benefit the chapter.

Authors who have signed books at LARA’s booth during the Los Angeles Festival of Books, held each April.

Authors who participated in the 2017 California Readin’ event for readers.

Members who have hit a best seller list.


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