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Photo of Dee J. Adams

Dee J. Adams

Romantic Suspense

Photo of Belle Ami

Belle Ami

Erotic, Romantic Suspense

Photo of Christine Ashworth

Christine Ashworth

Contemporary, Paranormal

Photo of C J Bahr

C J Bahr


Photo of A. M. Beard

A. M. Beard


Photo of Samanthe Beck

Samanthe Beck


Photo of Ophelia Bell

Ophelia Bell

Erotic, Paranormal

Photo of Robin Bielman

Robin Bielman

Contemporary, New Adult, Paranormal

Photo of Kate Bigel

Kate Bigel

Fantasy, Paranormal

Photo of Julia Blake

Julia Blake


Photo of Andrea Bolter

Andrea Bolter


Photo of Patricia Bowman-Stein

Patricia Bowman-Stein

Historical, Mystery, Romantic Suspense

Photo of Roxann Breazile

Roxann Breazile


Photo of Cami Brite

Cami Brite


Photo of Lorene Brubaker

Lorene Brubaker

Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Women’s Fiction

Photo of KC Burn

KC Burn

Contemporary, Paranormal

Photo of Tricia Cerrone

Tricia Cerrone

Historical, Young Adult

Photo of TeAnne Chennault

TeAnne Chennault


Photo of Leigh Court

Leigh Court

Historical, Erotic

Photo of Laura Daleo

Laura Daleo

Paranormal, Fantasy

Photo of Chellesie B. Dancer

Chellesie B. Dancer


Photo of Claire Davon

Claire Davon

Contemporary, Paranormal

Photo of Debbie Decker

Debbie Decker


Photo of Victoria Denault

Victoria Denault

New Adult, Sports

Photo of Claire DeWolf

Claire DeWolf


Photo of Nichole DeYulis

Nichole DeYulis

Contemporary, Historical

Photo of Beverly Diehl

Beverly Diehl

Erotic, Women’s Fiction

Photo of Alison Diem

Alison Diem

Pararnomal, Steampunk

Photo of Pamela DuMond

Pamela DuMond

Comedic Mystery, Historical, New Adult, Young Adult

Photo of Janie Emaus

Janie Emaus


Photo of Carol Ericson

Carol Ericson

Romantic Suspense

Photo of Susannah Erwin

Susannah Erwin

Contemporary, Historical

Photo of Tameri Etherton

Tameri Etherton


Photo of Nora Flite

Nora Flite

Romantic Suspense

Photo of Teresa Gabelman

Teresa Gabelman


Photo of G. G. Gabriel

G. G. Gabriel


Photo of Therese Gilardi

Therese Gilardi


Photo of René Gilley

René Gilley

New Adult, Young Adult

Photo of Robena Grant

Robena Grant

Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction

Photo of Ara Grigorian

Ara Grigorian

Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

Photo of Cyndy Hall

Cyndy Hall

Contemporary, Mystery, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

Photo of Lea Hart

Lea Hart

Contemporary, Romantic Comedy

Photo of Kelly Hartog

Kelly Hartog

Women’s Fiction

Photo of Mia Hopkins

Mia Hopkins

Contemporary, Erotic

Photo of Jenna Ives

Jenna Ives


Photo of Susan B James

Susan B James

Time Travel

Photo of Linda O. Johnston

Linda O. Johnston

Mystery, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

Photo of Lindsey Kelk

Lindsey Kelk


Photo of Cara King

Cara King


Photo of Caro Kinkead

Caro Kinkead

Women’s Fiction

Photo of Harley Jane Kozak

Harley Jane Kozak

Mystery, Paranormal

Photo of Samantha Le

Samantha Le

Contemporary, Romantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction

Photo of Roz Lee

Roz Lee


Photo of Scarlet Llewellyn

Scarlet Llewellyn


Photo of Annag MacCallum

Annag MacCallum

Historical, Paranormal

Photo of Kelli Mahoney

Kelli Mahoney


Photo of Hayson Manning

Hayson Manning


Photo of Dolores Wall Maroney

Dolores Wall Maroney


Photo of Maggie Marr

Maggie Marr


Photo of Lynne Marshall

Lynne Marshall

Contemporary, Medical

Photo of Katie McCoach

Katie McCoach


Photo of Esther-May McCulloch

Esther-May McCulloch


Photo of Teri McGill

Teri McGill

Contemporary, New Adult

Photo of Christiana Miller

Christiana Miller


Photo of Tess Moorpark

Tess Moorpark


Photo of Jan Moran

Jan Moran


Photo of Allison Morse

Allison Morse


Photo of Marla Murphy

Marla Murphy

Contemporary, Historical, Regency

Photo of Zenobia Neil

Zenobia Neil

Erotic, Historical

Photo of Ann Royal Nicholas

Ann Royal Nicholas


Photo of Caitlyn O’Leary

Caitlyn O’Leary

Contemporary, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

Photo of Kathy O’Rourke

Kathy O’Rourke


Photo of Jesse Pearle

Jesse Pearle


Photo of Tawnya Perry

Tawnya Perry


Photo of Tonya Plank

Tonya Plank

Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Photo of Maria Powers

Maria Powers

Contemporary, Paranormal

Photo of Jewel Quinlan

Jewel Quinlan

Contemporary, New Adult, Paranormal, Single Title

Photo of Cynthia Raza

Cynthia Raza


Photo of Jacki Renee

Jacki Renee


Photo of D. B. Reynolds

D. B. Reynolds

Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Photo of Linda Rhoades

Linda Rhoades

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

Photo of Anne Roebuck

Anne Roebuck

Historical, Paranormal

Photo of Lilah Rune

Lilah Rune

Erotic, Paranormal

Photo of Saharra K. Sandhu

Saharra K. Sandhu

Paranormal, Science Fiction

Photo of Charlene Sands

Charlene Sands

Contemporary, Historical

Photo of Veronica Scott

Veronica Scott

Fantasy, Historical, Sci-Fi

Photo of Laura Sheehan

Laura Sheehan

Contemporary, Paranormal

Photo of Jill Smolinski

Jill Smolinski

Women’s Fiction

Photo of Jen Stansfield

Jen Stansfield

Paranormal, Romantic Comedy

Photo of Kaitlyn Stone

Kaitlyn Stone

Contemporary, New Adult

Photo of Julie Strauss

Julie Strauss


Photo of Theodora Taylor

Theodora Taylor

Contemporary, Paranormal

Photo of Sarah Vance-Tompkins

Sarah Vance-Tompkins

Young Adult

Photo of Ariel Vespers

Ariel Vespers

Paranormal, Young Adult

Photo of Connie Vines

Connie Vines

Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Photo of Kate Willoughby

Kate Willoughby

Contemporary, Paranormal, Sports

Photo of Stacy Wise

Stacy Wise

Contemporary, New Adult

Photo of Gwendolyn Womack

Gwendolyn Womack

Historical, Paranormal

Photo of Cindy Yantis

Cindy Yantis

Contemporary, Mystery, Women’s Fiction

Author badge legend

PAN Authors have published a romance fiction book or novella (over 20k words) which has earned the required minimum.

PRO Authors have completed one original work of romance fiction of at least 20k words or multiple works which when combined total at least 20k words.

Published authors who have not submitted their work to RWA for PAN or PRO certification, or PRO authors who have been published.

Chapter members who have contributed a short story or novella to LARA’s anthologies. All proceeds benefit the chapter.

Authors who have signed books at LARA’s booth during the Los Angeles Festival of Books, held each April.

Authors who participated in the 2017 California Readin’ event for readers.

Members who have hit a best seller list.


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