9e1bcf2b926474fe165c955853a6d711All LARA members must also be members in good standing of Romance Writers of America®. Your RWA number is required to complete your LARA membership application. For information on joining RWA please see the Romance Writers of America website for more information.

If you have any questions about membership contact our Director of Membership.


How to Join LARA

There are two simple steps to joining LARA:

1) Fill Out the Membership Form, and

2) Pay the Membership Dues.

You must complete BOTH STEPS to become a LARA Member.

STEP 1 – Please Complete the Membership Application

You can complete the membership application online using the the form below.  Alternatively, you can print a copy of the LARA Member Application and bring it to one of our monthly meetings OR mail it to:

Los Angeles Romance Authors
Attn: Membership
PO Box 261572
Encino, CA 91316

Click Here to Download the Application Or Fill Out the Form Below

New or Renewed Membership


PAIDSTEP 2 – Pay Membership Dues

LARA membership is $40 for the calendar year. All renewing members must pay the full fee.  If you are a new member, or it has been over two years since you were a member of LARA, the membership fee is pro-rated monthly.  Please see chart for correct fee amount.

You can pay online via PayPal, after completing the online membership application.  It will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks to process your membership.


You can write a check and include it with your printed application, mailed to the address above. Please make checks payable to “Los Angeles Romance Authors.” If you mail your payment and application, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the chapter to process your membership.

January $40.00
July $19.00
February $36.50
August $15.50
March $33.00
September $12.00
April $29.50
October $8.50
May $26.00
November $5.00
June $22.50
December* $40.00

* December fee includes dues for the following year.

Please keep in mind that all of our board members are volunteers who may be working on deadlines, and it is therefore possible your application may be delayed.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.  However, if you do not hear from us within the time frames outlined above, please contact the webmaster, the Director of Membership, or any other board member to let us know.

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