Where are LARA meetings held?

LARA has no permanent offices, but our meetings are held at the Bridges Academy in Studio City, California.  Take a look at where we meet for directions.

When and how often do you meet?

Typically LARA meets on the third Sunday of the month, however some meeting dates may vary to avoid holidays. Check our calendar of upcoming meetings for exact dates, times, and programs.

What happens at your meetings? Will I have to read my writing in front of everyone?

LARA meetings consist of a meet and greet followed by a short business meeting and a speaker program. We also share member news and recognize the achievements of our members from the previous month.

You’ll never be forced to read your work in front of an audience, but you can participate in programs designed to hone your craft.

Can I visit a meeting and check out LARA before joining?

Yes! Visitors are welcome. You may visit our meetings twice before joining.  Your first meeting is free!

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions please contact a board member.

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