Board Members

LARA’s governing board is elected every October. Officer terms are generally one year.

If you have questions about LARA, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to our chapter officers.

Voting Officers:

President: Christine Ashworth
president (at)
Maggie Marr
Executive Vice President: Maggie Marr
vicepres (at)
Beverly Diehl
Treasurer: Beverly Diehl
treasurer (at)
Secretary: Kady Winter
secretary (at)
Sarah Vance
Programming Director:  Sarah Vance-Tompkins
programming (at)
Public Relations Director: Kristine Kobe
publicrelations (at)
Membership Director: Scarlet Llewellyn
membership (at)
Ways and Means Director: Claire Merriam Hoffman
waysandmeans (at)
Laura Sheehan Christine Collier
Newsletter: Laura Sheehan & Christine Leo
LARAConfidential (at)
Webmaster: Cami Brite
webmaster (at)
PAN Liaison: Debbie Decker
panliaison (at)
Caro Kinkead
PRO Liaison: Caro Kinkead
proliaison (at)
Rebekah Ganiere
SPA Liaison: Rebekah Ganiere
spaliaison (at)

They may not vote, but LARA could not survive without the important volunteers below:

Julia Blake Ericka Scott
Milestones: Julia Blake & Ericka Scott
milestones (at)
Librarian: Chellesie B. Dancer
librarian (at)
Alison Diem
SPEW Coordinator: Alison Diem
spew (at)

RWA National Board: Go here for the 2014 RWA National Board

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