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Published Author Chat

It’s a tornado, it’s a hurricane, no….it’s just The Gale Force Winds of Change in the world of publishing! All published authors of LARA are invited to the Published Author Chat at 9 am every other Sunday before the LARA meeting at our regular meeting place (Bridges Academy). What does published mean? Any author who …

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November’s Featured Speaker: Joseph Marich, Jr.

November’s meeting will feature literary publicist Joseph Marich, Jr., founder and President of Marich Media (formerly Marich Communications). With an emphasis in consumer, entertainment, and literary publicity, he has worked in public relations for more than twenty years, planning and executing national and international campaigns for book launches, consumer products, special events, fund-raisers and openings …

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Annual Dues in 2015

What’s romantic and under $5? A paperback romance novel by one of LARA’s fabulous authors? Sadly, no (though they’re worth every penny). A sexy thong from Victoria’s Secret? Nope. Bottle of good champagne? Bwah-ha-ha-ha. What is under $5 – still – is your average monthly LARA membership dues. Although due to rising expenses, the Board …

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Holiday Romances with Alanna Lucas & Rick Bitzelberger

In October, we’ll hear from Alanna Lucas and Rick Bitzelberger on Writing Holiday Romances That Sell! Holiday romance novels and novellas are a perennial favorite among readers. Publishers often release holiday anthologies, which can be a great opportunity for writers to get known or increase their fan base. Come and learn about how to break …

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Same Sex Romance with Tara Lain & Louisa Bacio

Next month, we’ll learn all about writing same sex romance novels. This is not your mother’s romance novel! Same parts, different spots, right? What’s the difference between writing a male/female erotic romance, and a same sex one? Plenty. Bestselling authors Tara Lain and Louisa Bacio will explore setting up the same-sex romance, and getting into …

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