November’s Featured Speaker: Joseph Marich, Jr.

logoNovember’s meeting will feature literary publicist Joseph Marich, Jr., founder and President of Marich Media (formerly Marich Communications). With an emphasis in consumer, entertainment, and literary publicity, he has worked in public relations for more than twenty years, planning and executing national and international campaigns for book launches, consumer products, special events, fund-raisers and openings in the theatre, art, fashion, television and film industries.

Representing author-director-producer, Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, ER) for over 16 years until his untimely death in November 2008, Marich coordinated global media tours, personal appearances, and interviews for Dr. Crichton, working closely with his publishers in the U.S., as well as his international publishers throughout Europe.

Marich is also the author of the public relations book, Literary Publicity: The Final Chapter. It explains differences between media roles, and teaches readers how to view their product in the same manner as the media, then plan the most effective publicity plan accordingly. It includes tips on how to write for presentation, how to create the necessary collateral material for all types of media outlets, and how to get local, regional, or national media attention.

Join us on at 10am on Sunday, November 16th at Bridges Academy in Studio City.