Published Author Coffee

It’s a tornado, it’s a hurricane, no….it’s just The Gale Force Winds of Change in the world of publishing!

coffee-heartAll published authors of LARA are invited to the Published Author Coffee at 9 am on certain Sundays before the LARA meeting at our regular meeting place (Bridges Academy).

What does published mean? Any author who has indie pubbed or traditionally pubbed a short story, novella, or novel.

Is coffee provided? “Bring Your Own Coffee!” Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are both about a block from Bridges Academy.

What is the coffee about? Publishing! Anything that has to do with what happens once publishing happens.

Why are we having a published author coffee?  This is a less-formal event that allows pubbed authors to discuss what is and what isn’t working for them in publishing. The agenda is loose and flexible.

How often is the published author coffee? We’re not sure.  Let’s see if we enjoy it and if we learn from it. For the remainder of 2015, the coffee will be held every other month:

  • August 16th

  • October 18th

  • December 13th

If you’re a LARA member and have thoughts, suggestions, or questions about the Published Author Coffee, our beloved president Maggie Marr would love to hear from you! Please use our amazing LARA member comment form!